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Our host school for Secondary education is the combined Collège and Lycée Victor Hugo and our students are known as the “Section Internationale” or “Section Britannique”. Normally students live in the catchment area around the school, however, a waiver or “derogation” is given for students in the British Section who live outside this zone. Should a student leave the British Section for any reason then the student must return to a school in their own catchment area.

Collège Victor Hugo

Housed within the Lycée building, the Collège teaches pupils for the first four years of their secondary education. It is a small collège, having only 330 pupils in all. British Section pupils receive six hours of English tuition per week taking place when French pupils learn English as a foreign language. Four of these lessons are devoted to Language and Literature and two to History and Geography, with all lesson content and methodology based upon the English National Curriculum.

The Deutsche school is also housed at Victor Hugo and for this reason the college runs a unique tri-lingual programme in art, music, history, geography and architecture to encourage a cultural exchange between the students. German is also the language studied as “langue vivante” LVA in college from Cinquième. For the rest of their programme, British Section pupils are taught by French teachers in regular classes with their French peers.

At the end of the four-year cycle pupils transfer into the Lycée.

Rentrée 2023-24: E31 doesn't request any supplies on top of what is asked by the Collège Victor Hugo. We will provide 1 notebook for English and 1 for History-Geography

STARTING SEPTEMBER 2023 ! We will offer collège weekly classes for 6ème, 5ème and 4ème every Wednesday afternoon between 1.15 and 3.45 pm at Collège Victor Hugo.

In 6ème and 5ème, students get to know each other and familiarise themselves with the demands of studying English in a secondary school through a range of subjects and topics.

The aim of this scheme is to help students maintain and develop their level of fluency in English if they cannot or do not wish to attend the collège International Section. Wednesday weekly classes are designed to tutor pupils in the English language. They are not designed to specifically train pupils for the entrance tests for the local International Sections, and do not in any way guarantee that pupils will pass these tests. If you are interested, fill out our inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested please contact

Lycée Victor Hugo

The Lycée has a capacity of 1500 students which means some 13 form classes operate across each year group. The British Section makes up a total of 160 students, five English teachers and four History/Geography teachers across Collège and Lycée.

The programme of work is similar to that of schools in England and based upon the English National Curriculum until the age of sixteen. All English-speaking pupils may join the scheme however, regardless of nationality.