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Teaching and learning are entirely in English and founded on the English National Curriculum. Both traditional and contemporary British educational values, texts and resources are at the core of how we enable children to develop and achieve. We also appreciate their unique situation as bilingual learners and facilitate their success in both systems.

English 31 provides qualified, highly skilled and experienced teachers, with recognised qualifications in English and Humanities across the primary and secondary age range. They are well practised within the field of bilingual education and share a commitment to designing and delivering successful schemes of work.

We are committed to academic excellence and place high expectations on our pupils in terms of aspiration, commitment and work ethic. We strive to combine the rigour of the French educational system with the creativity, and intellectual curiosity fostered in the best English teaching practice to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

At secondary level English teaching is very often done via the study of literature from the English canons and is designed to encourage an imaginative engagement with works of recognised quality. Language and Literature lessons are complemented by History and Geography lessons.

The programme is designed to develop the full range of writing skills including transactional, imaginative, informative and persuasive writing. Pupils’ development is closely monitored and ultimately assessed by external examinations validated by Education Nationale and Cambridge University.