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Drama in primary and secondary

The Primary drama classes for both the integrated and weekly CM2 pupils take place every Wednesday afternoon. It follows the weekly classes from 3.45-4.45pm. We have a full and enthusiastic group who are eager to join in.

We start the year with a busy and exciting hour of drama games and continue throughout the year combining the games and starting to rehearse for a play culminating in a play in June.

In 2019, the children enjoyed performing in a play called The ChairIn 2020, we are performing a musical called Drama Club Must Die. During the performances the children get to experience all the thrills of being onstage, having their hair done, make up, costumes, staging and props. A very good start for their drama experience to continue in the middle school.

Our middle school drama club meets one afternoon a week and is always a very popular extra-curricular activity with our students who often opt to participate again the next year. We undertake an ambitious project each September leading to a performance in the Spring. Pupils get involved in all aspects of production: acting, stage managing, choreography, makeup and props. In 2019, students did a brilliant job in their adaptation of The Tempest. They choreographed dances to accompany an abridged version of the play that preserved Shakespeare’s language and allowed everyone to explore a challenging work of literature in a much more accessible way.


English 31 is part of the Eurocampus. We have excellent links with the other local international schools. As part of this, we take part in many drama events each year in collaboration with the International School of Toulouse (IST) and the Deutsche Schule Toulouse.

An annual improvisation event provides enrichment for our 5ème classes, many of whom have not come across this type of dramatic performance before. Recently, we took them to see "Ophelia. Maybe." performed by The Back Yard Theatre Ensemble. Trips to the IST help to enrich our students’ experience of English beyond the curriculum; it is always a very positive experience when our different schools come together, and we are proud to be a part of this dynamic international community.