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The British Section can welcome up to 42 students in 6ème split across three form classes; however they are taught together in smaller groups for their English Literature and History/Geography lessons.

Sample timetable college



Click here here for a sample programme of study for 6ème, 5ème and 4ème.

History & Geography

In 3ème our pupils begin the two year cycle of work leading to the Cambridge iGCSE examinations in English Language. At the end of Troisième British Section pupils also take the Brevet International . Pupils are prepared for these oral examinations by teachers of The British Section as part of the English 31 programme.

So long as pupils have successfully completed the Troisième year with a sustained level of achievement then they are automatically accepted in the Lycée British Section – they do not need to sit the Entrance exam for Seconde.

Here are samples of the History & Geography curriculum in Collège.

6ème 5ème 4ème 3ème
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