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Weekly programme updates

Dear families,

Here is the latest update on our weekly Wednesday pm lesson provision that will start next
Wednesday 16/09.
I am very pleased and relieved to announce that we have found two school sites to welcome our
As mentioned in my last message, our upper and lower groups will have to be taught separately
and will start at different times to facilitate commuting between the two sites for families with
more than one child in our scheme.
Please read the instruction below very carefully as both institutions and national guidelines
impose very strict Covid-related health and safety protocols that our teachers, helpers, students
and parents need to respect at all times. Should anyone not abide by those rules, we may lose the
right to use those premises and would have to switch to an online provision.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Marie-Anne Tarr,

Here is a map for Collège St Thérèse.