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We would like to invite you to our first Terminale Connaissance du Monde (CDM) fair that will take place in Lycée Victor Hugo on Wednesday February 28, 2024 from 2 until 5 pm. On that occasion, our International Section Terminale students will be presenting their research project to parents, teachers and peers as a rehearsal for their final CDM BFI oral exams that week take place in May.

It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to practice in front of an audience and share their project with members of our community. Current 3ème, 2nde and 1ère International Section students, parents, relatives and teachers are invited to support this student-led event. It is also a fantastic opportunity for current 3ème, 2nde and 1ère International Section students to get a feel for what the content of this new BFI module/subject which is based on personal interests and research really is.

The afternoon will be split into three one-hour slots (2-3pm, 3-4pm and 4-6pm). 20 students will be dispatched across 20 classrooms for every slot and will present their project twice within their chosen hour. They will also be answering your questions about their topic and research afterwards. That 3 one-hour slot approach will also enable our Terminale students to visit their peers and see what students from other BFI classes have been working on.

Refreshments and a program will be available on the day.